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Locality trends in Sarjapur Road Bangalore


Trends are always the ones we follow to keep us updated. This is the most essential part of our life to keep us engrossing. Likewise, the real estate industry has its own locality trends. Which we should be known before investing in the property.

This would help us anticipate the growth and development of the locality. We all need the property locality to be prominent so that we get all the essentials, and if in case we are looking for rental returns it should be fruitful in a way we get our rental leads easily. And the rental returns should be reasonable and should be in a way that we could compensate our expenses on the property over the years. The same is applicable for the resale returns. Once we decide to return the property the returns should compensate the amount put in and at the same time we should get proper profits so that we could ensure our future.

Locality trends in Sarjapur Road Bangalore

Sarjapur Road - The prominent location

This is one of the prominent areas in the city which suffices all the above-mentioned pointers. This suburb is present in the Eastern part of the city where there is a huge IT corridor and there are ample schools, healthcare centres, industries, shopping malls and entertainment zones. There is a huge demand for this area in the real estate market for its exponential growth. In the early 1980s and till early 1990 the industry used to be a hub for silk garments and materials. Down the line gradually the inception of the IT industry started in the late 1990s in this area and the region started booming at a higher level.

There are many major IT brands available in this suburb and that has brought a great influx of population to this specific reason as everyone prefers to stay near the office.

This is an area where large land extents are abundantly available and thus there is a huge development in commercial and residential projects. Moreover, the social and physical infrastructure of this project is excellent. There are many reputed residential societies around the Sarjapur surroundings. And the availability of reputed educational and healthcare institutes are great.

Sarjapur Road is well connected with most of the prime areas of the city as the fine connecting Outer Ring Road is just beside this suburb. This is a 60km+ road that associates the suburb with other IT corridors and areas.

Godrej Park Retreat

Godrej Park Retreat

This is an eminent property located in Sarjapur Road which has 4 acres of land area with 2 and 3 BHK homes. The Godrej Park Retreat is a Godrej Properties development that is upcoming and awaiting RERA approval. There are 20+ creative amenities present in the property, Godrej Properties has wisely provided ample open and green space in the Godrej Park Retreats and thus there are limited units of 350 present in this property. The possession of this brilliant property would be 3 years from the launch date. However, the launch would be done shortly.

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